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I love reading fics, just like I love writing them. :) So of course, I have favorites and ones that I think should be a staple of any PR fan's fic reading diet. *grin* Along the same lines, I've pretty much seen every episode of Power Rangers (except for a couple of the earlier MMPR stuff) and have favorite episodes. So here are my favorites of both and why I highly recommend reading or seeing them. :)

Favorite PR Fics

Ashes to Ashes by Ellen Brand (standalone)
Why recommend? Ellen is a genius, as anyone who has read her Personality Conflicts (another PR fic must-read) knows, but this is probably my favorite fic that she's ever written. As a fan of Tommy, one would think I wouldn't like it, but I do nonetheless. It was the first PR fic I read that actually drove me to near tears. Ellen does the aftermath brilliantly, giving each of the rangers time to reflect. Go her. :)

Bleeding Blue by Jeremy Ray Logsdon (standalone)
Why recommend? Bleeding Blue is another fic that sincerely brought me to tears. Jeremy can write anything, from heart-wrenching drama to belly-aching comedy and I've always been able to buy it. :) This fic is no exception as he brings Billy back into the fold from Aquitar and lets things go from there. Written as a back and forth narrative between the present 2016 and the past 1997, Kimberly's diary is used to bridge the two worlds together. Beautifully written stuff.

A Fitting Relationship by Nancy Shaw (vignette)
Why recommend? Nancy's short little fic was the first PR fic that I read that had interaction between two rangers from different "generations" (so to speak) outside of rangering. Not a shipper-fic in any way, it spurred me to embrace and eventually love the concept of unconventional romances. It's also just a great friend fic - simple and fun. :)

Heartbeat by Starhawk (series)
Why recommend? Starhawk writes the Wild Force Rangers like no one else. There are very few PRWF fanfics out there, but I like to think that Starhawk's Heartbeat is by far one of the best series about the group of rangers out there. In ways expanding on the way too short "Reinforcements From The Future" crossover, the Wild Force and Time Force Rangers team up again in 2004 bringing the Wild Force team into action once more.

PR Episodes

"Green With Evil, Part One through Five" (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)
Why recommend? The mini-series that put Power Rangers on the map. :) The introduction of the new kid, Tommy, at the same time as Rita Repulsa's evil Green Ranger appears. Sound fishy? ;) Not only are there great moments of ranger versus ranger fighting, but the arc brings in and creates the troubled character of Tommy.

"King For A Day, Part One and Two" (Power Rangers Zeo)
Why recommend? As a Tommy fan, of course I would recommend a two-part episode focused on him, but I think the episode is a great one, even for non-Tommy fans. *grins* The Red Zeo Ranger is kidnapped by Prince Gasket and brainwashed into believing he is the king of the Machine Empire. My favorite part is when the other rangers confront Tommy and try to get him to remember who he is. A nice two-parter from my favorite era. :)

"Silence Is Golden" (Power Rangers in Space)
Why recommend? My favorite episode of PRiS with the central character of Cassie, my favorite PRiS character. :) Taking place during the Psycho Rangers' arc, Cassie finds herself stranded on Earth without the ability to speak because if she does, the Psychos will hunt her down. I personally loved Patrica Ja Lee's acting in this episode and she relays a lot without using her voice. It's quite the clever plot and Cassie's rescue by the clown is too cute. *grin*

"Facing The Past" (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Why recommend? One of the few, if not only, Karone-centered episode of PRLG. I loved Karone as the Pink Galaxy Ranger and in this episode, you're given a lot of insight into her character following PRiS. Her conversations with Leo are my favorite part of this episode, as well as her need to confront her past in the shape of Astronema. A strong episode, one that makes my Leo/Karone shipper heart soar too. *wink*

"Good Will Hunter" (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)
Why recommend? This episode is much too funny! It really displays the humor that they entire cast captures almost every episode, except this one is especially jam-packed with hilarity. The main plot is not what I love about this episode, but the subplot is. :) Dustin, cameras, Cam, and permission to use the bathroom are just a few of the funny things in this episode. *chuckle*

"The Wild Wipeout" (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)
Why recommend? I don't remember what I was expecting from this episode, but it certainly surpassed whatever expectations I'd ever had! Tori's gets transported to an alternate dimension and it goes from there! I thought all the actors did a great job with this episode and Sally Martin totally rocked. ;) This is the episode that finally showed me just how psycho Adam Tuonimien can play Hunter. *giggles* Overall, I found the episode to be a fresh concept and the "one-girl-on-the-team" dynamic was explored in an abstract way. :)

"Double-Edged Blake" (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)
Why recommend? A Blake-centric episode!! So hard to come by! That, by itself, makes it worth watching! *laughs* I really liked this episode for the Blake/Tori shippage. Tori's jealous, Blake's telling people he likes Tori, and there's this really cute scene between Tori and Hunter about tires! *giggle* Anyone who likes Blake, must check this out!

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