Starhawk's Aerie
Starhawk is a brilliant writer. Whether it is PRiS or PRNS, she can write the characters and make me love them all. :) Also a must read is her ever random commentary on life through her notices. *grin*

Adrienne's Conservatory
Starhawk's partner in crime, Adrienne is also another wonderful author in her own right. She's also a fellow Oliverette, which makes her ten times cooler. *wink*

Tigger's Fanfic Page
Tigger (aka Beth *grin*) writes for many fandoms, but has recently begun writing PR. Her PRNS drabble fics (one for each episode of the season!) are short and totally well-done. :)

The Snowfields
Cynthia has been around as long (if not longer) as I and has written a many great things over the years. Not only does she write in PR, but in the Digimon fandom as well.

Written in the Stars: Red+Pink/Red+White Tribute
Shayna runs this website and what a great website it is, dedicated to one of my favorite things: PR romance. :) There are shrines for every Red Ranger+Pink Ranger/White Ranger/Blue Ranger pairing from MMPR up to the most recent.

Websites that I Frequent

Ranger Comm
Started by Starhawk and Adrienne to just have a place to chat without getting bumped off, Ranger Comm has taken off as a small, but great PR hangout place to discuss episodes, post and read fanfic, and just be random. :) (Banner jacked in utmost respect from Adrienne *grin*)

The Last Samurai
I LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! this movie. *grin* It's my mission for everyone in the world to see this movie! So go check out the official website to get a little taste. :)

AnimeNation - The Anime Source!
I need my anime dose everyday, so I check in here for the latest US anime releases and information! :)
More than likely the biggest fanfiction archive on the 'net. Though you have to scavenge for the real diamonds in terms of fics, it's a great place to go to find fanfiction on almost anything! ^_^

Fan Forum: Entertainment 4 Fans
I stumbled upon this site when Roswell - my favorite television show ever - was still on. Now, I frequent it often to find out the last spoilers of my favorite shows and reminsce with the fan discussions. :) - What to Watch
I love keeping up on the latest entertainment news - especially in movies and television - and Zap2it allows me to do just that!

Ayumi Hamasaki > Divine Ayu
Oh how I love Hamasaki Ayumi! And for the latest information on my favorite J-pop singer, I hit here! ^_-

Websites from which I Have Borrowed

Nak's Power Rangers
A huge Power Ranger picture archive, with picture episode guides and galleries for nearly every ranger that existed!

Ars Amatoria
A wonderful romance site that has picture galleries for almost any Power Ranger romance you could imagine. I borrowed images from Rachel to use in my banners and avatars. :)

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