PR Graphics

I like to play, especially with new things and making graphics of any sort is kind of a new arena for me to play in. So of course, I had to try it out with my favorite show in mind: Power Rangers. On this page, there are many banners and avatars and please feel free to use them, but PLEASE don't claim them as your own! I had fun, but I also worked hard to hunt for pictures that I borrowed from Nak's Power Rangers and Ars Amatoria! You can also find all of my LiveJournall icons at my LJ linked on the main page. :)

Avatars (60 x 60)

Trouble Pretty Kitty Protect me Concerned" Love Tension?

Tommy and Katherine - There is love after loss... Cassie and Andros - She never thought he was an alien!!! Leo and Karone - Targetboy and his princess of evil Eric and Taylor - Bite me! Merrick and Shayla - The princess and her protector Hunter and Blake - Cutie Thunder brothers Blake and Tori

What the...?! Did you remember to tape PR?!


Beauty, poise, and grace

Trini and Billy - Kindred souls

Jason and Kimberly - The perfect match of agility and strength

Kimberly and Tommy - Love at first sight...

Tommy and Katherine - Two wrongs can make a right...

Not a little kitty cat anymore... - Katherine

 From gren to red to white, he's been them all... - Technicolor Tommy

Fierce, fiery, and pink - Cassie

The Coiffure Queen! - Astronema

Ashley and Andros - Opposites attract!

Jen and Wes - Their love surpassing time...

Shayla and Merrick - A forbidden love from the past...

Keeping the alpha males in line... - Tori

Humor personified! - Dustin

Who knew you could be so emotional about tires! - Hunter

Dude, he's bustin' out the moves! - Cybercam

Blake and Hunter - Brothers for life...

Tori and Blake - Bridging the gap with their love...

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