PR Fanfic

When I first started writing PR fanfic, I began with the series "The Guardian Saga," featuring my Mary Sue/original character, Shannon Kassandra Kaze. You can find that series at Jenga's Library. I wouldn't exactly call it my crowning achievement. *grin*

I moved on from that series, and now I find myself in the current situation of writing epic fics with a short standalone or songfic here and there. :) Those, you can find below. ^_^

Alliances - exclusively housed at Written in the Stars

An Unplanned Amour - She came home to fame, fortune, and...

Clinging to Promises - He swore to keep them and now she's...

If We Try
A vague piece on a Red and Pink Ranger.

Legends of Animaria

Reflection of Love

Stay a Little Longer - Though on different sides, he insists she...

Significant Others - The Red Rangers forgot to invite their...

The Fog

Without Fail - Eighteen years later, the lies will unravel...(Sequel to Clinging to Promises)

You Made Me Forget

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