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  • A little late, but a new commentary has been put about about Rai in Special Features! :)


  • Removed all music mp3s for LoA sountrack
  • A new commentary file will be put up over Thanksgiving. :)


  • I'm so sorry! This website has been clearly neglected, but I promise, I'm not dead nor is the site! Real life has been busy and stuff. :) Also, I currently have an issue with webspace, so I'm trying to resolve that before I can post anything else.
  • The first part of the Second Legend is currently with my betareader and when she gets it back to me, it will go up! :)


  • Added third new mp3 to "Writer's Commentary"

  • Running out of room for sound clips, so will start rotating commentary files in and out of access and will be zipping them all, come the next update.

  • Will finish the first part of the Second Legend before the end of this month! :)


  • Added second new mp3 to "Writer's Commentary"


  • Added one new mp3 to "Writer's Commentary" and will be adding three more over the course of the month (because I wasn't able to upload two for last month).

  • Cleaned up the site a little bit.

  • Plans for this month that I'll hopefully get to - updating customs (!), getting first part of the Second Legend up (*crosses fingers*), adding mp3 clip for "Morning Light" to "Music Behind The Epic".


  • Two new mp3s added to "Writer's Commentary" section of Special Features for this month! One includes guest commentator, Sugarplum! :)

  • Slightly updated "Disclaimer" page


  • New mp3 added to "Writer's Commentary" section of "Special Features"

  • Mp3 clip of "Morning Light" yet to be added.


  • Added two new songs (and lyrics!) to LoA's First Legend soundtrack! :) (mp3 clip of "Morning Light" to be added soon!)


  • New mp3 added to "Writer's Commentary" section in "Special Features" after awhile. Remember, bi-monthly updates, you just never know when! When I have time! *giggles*


  • New mp3 added to "Writer's Commentary" section in "Special Features" :)


  • Originally, I was going to write a reflection, but instead, I've opened up the new "Writer's Commentary" section in "Special Features" - which used to be "Author Ramblings." Check it out and hear what I have to say about LoA! ^_^

  • Compressed all mp3 clips to 48kbit conserve my space! :)


  • The banner for the "Second Legend" - Warmth, Shine On Us - has been revealed! Check out "The Legends" to see it! :)

  • Edits/adjustments made to "Those Who Created The Legends."


  • Whoo! The fourth and final part of The Wolves' Downfall - Forbidden - is up! :)

  • Added to "Music Behind the Epic"

  • Added two names to name origins in "Author Ramblings"!

  • Things that are upcoming - a gradual (and massive) update to Animarian Customs, and addition to "Those Who Created The Legends," the revealing of the banner for Warmth, Shine On Us, and reflection on the "behind-the-scenes" writing The Wolves' Downfall.


  • Added third part of The Wolves's Downfall - Complications.

  • Revamped header banners for the current three parts of The Wolves' Downfall.

  • Added one name to the name origins in "Author's Ramblings".

  • Added even more Animarian Customs/definitions: auras, blessings, Castle of Tribute, courting, Deerzord, and Deerzord Festival. Updated custom for engagement necklace.

  • Little update to "Disclaimer".


  • My boyfriend told me where to find the stupid small fonts I had been looking for, so I redid the "First Legend" banner finally! *claps*
  • Added a header banner to the index page.
  • 5/24/03

  • Added mp3 clips to "Save Me" (Opaline's Theme), and the instrumental pieces, "Romance" and "Fantasia of the Wind".


  • Short update - added two intrusmental pieces to "Music Behind The Epic"; in the next few weeks, I'll be adding short mp3s for all the songs that are missing mp3s.


  • Added second part of The Wolves' Downfall - And The Glass Breaks.

  • Updated "Those Who Create The Legends" with Ariene Aerlyn, Rai Icye, and Prince Thane.

  • Added more Animarian customs: Animarian Army, Captain of the Animarian Army, East Wing of Wildzord Sanctuary, engagement necklace, General of the Animarian Army, Mourning period, Training Regiment, and Yearlings.

  • Updated "Author's Ramblings" with more casting of characters and name origins.

  • Added new section, "Music Behind The Epic" and moved the fanart to this page.


  • So this is how I relax after a hard week: I spend about three hours figuring out how to use PSP and hunting down pictures, then I create the fanart that's currently residing on the main page. *grin* I'm insane, yes, but I like to think of it as a productive insane. ^_-


  • Added new Guestbook to the main page with pretty graphics. *grin*


  • Added more Animarian customs - Feast of The Wolfzord, Seasonal Recess, and Wolfzord Sanctuary.
  • 2/21/03

  • Banners galore for First Legend: The Wolves' Downfall. Paintshop is fun! ^_-
  • New and improved character pictures! (Did some touch-ups *grin*)
  • 2/18/03

  • Officially opened the site and released the first part of The Wolves' Downfall.

  • Please e-mail me and let me know what you think of the site and any malfunctions you may come across! :)

    Legends Of Animaria