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A bustling city loomed in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, surrounded by never-ending fields of green that were divided by streams and rivers of blue. Little villages littered these lush fields and if one looked far enough into the horizon, a chain of cascading mountains could be seen, their peaks barely dusted with snow.

A grand castle rose up from within the lively city, reaching for the sky as its towers brushed against the clouds. Ornate carvings in the marble outer walls of the building told the story of the creation of the castle and the yawning double doors told the story of the kingdom of Animaria.

The celebrated kingdom of Animaria.

Where humans lived in peace for many millennia, under the protection of the Wildzords - the sacred animal protectors of the kingdom. These animals that took the responsibility of watching over those beneath them, were worshipped, but hardly ever seen, like the fabled Greek gods and goddesses. However, these animals weren't higher beings, they were simply guardians.

Guardians sworn to protect Animaria from outside harm.

However, they could not protect the land from herself - no matter how hard they would try.

-- opening of "Legends of Animaria"

Check out the "Special Features" for DVD-style audio commentary on "Legends of Animaria"!

Welcome to the homepage for the in-progess epic, "Legends of Animaria" written by WhiteZeo. I decided on making a separate page for this particular fic because really, what started out as something looking like a past Merrick/Shayla fanfic grew into something a lot bigger than that. :) More characters, more history, more writing. So, an entire webpage dedicated to my current work seemed the most logical way to go, even if it is simplistic looking. *grin*

Last Updated: 12/03/04

Merrick visits the Wildzord monument

Merrick and Shayla at the Wildzord monument

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