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Special Features

Casting of Characters

This was a joint venture with my little sister, Suzy. I started it and then she continuously has helped me continue with it. Some people say casting characters takes away from the imgination. For me, it actually helps me write as I have more of a grasp on how I want characters to be shaped when I see them before me.

Opaline: I think the casting of Opaline drove me crazy. I needed a brunette about thrity with long, curly hair. Those were my parameters when I set out to searching for the perfect Opaline. I came back with three results: Holly Marie Combs, Eliza Dushku, and Charisma Carpenter. Eliza had the best hair (full and curly), but Suzy reasoned that she looked way too young. Charisma's facial structure simply didn't make the grade. Suzy insisted on Holly because she looked the age and she had the soft features that would fit for Opaline. So, Holly Marie Combs is Opaline.

Ephane: Orginally, I was going to go with Nathan Fillion for Ephane. That was until on a late night session of talking, it hit me that I could easily use Michael Vartan as he fit the profile more so. Suzy jumped on me and agreed, since he was handsome, but physically looked older than our Opaline choice, Holly. So, Micahel Vartan became Ephane.

Animus: Paul Walker was going to be Animus at the beginning, because he was the only blond that I could think of that fit the age range for Animus. ;) However, as I was watching a rerun of Buffy, lighting struck and Marc Blucas became Animus. The picture that I have of him is perfect - youthful, truly sweet-looking, and almost deceivingly innocent. So, Marc Blucas was Animus.

Vanault: Vanault was supposed to have black hair orginally. So with that in mind, Suzy told me to take a look at Rick Yune. I considered him, but he didn't strike me as the High Priest type. Then, I rememberd Alexis Denisof and his current devilish, good-guy look that he has for Angel. That sealed it, and Suzy agreed, so Alexis Denisof became Vanault.

However, that wasn't the end, because there was a last minute change in the lineup. I came across a huge gallery of Joaquin Phoenix and I practiced my gawking ability. *laughs* He was the perfect Vanault without me having to change my original look for him. Besides, he has this look that is just so perfect. Thus, instead of Alexis, Joaquin became the High Priest.

Thane: Thane was a bit difficult because I needed someone who could feasibly look like Shayla's brother. I also wanted someone who was devilishly handsome and who looked charismatic. So, my choices were narrowed down to Victor Webster and Jason Behr. I personally favored Victor Webster in the looks department, but Suzy made the comment that he didn't look enough like Shayla to pass, but Jason did. So, Jason Behr became the crowned prince.

Rai: Rai wasn't difficult at all because her character was specifically created with Ayumi Hamasaki in mind. Ayumi Hamasaki is a famous J-pop singer; my favorite. :) Honestly, I love Ayumi's look with her sharp features and almost elegant beauty. Her hair is gorgeous. *grin* I was also determined to have an Asian character in the mix, so that's how Ayumi became Rai.

Ariene: Ariene was an interesting cast in that when I saw Alicia Leigh Willis on the small screen after considering what the character had to look like, I knew she was Ariene without a doubt. There wasn't much hunting on my part. :) It was really easy to choose Alicia Leigh Willis to be Ariene.

Names of Characters

This was something I had been wanting to do for awhile because I thought it was too funny how some of the names were coming about. :)

Opaline: I chose it randomly, but I think I was brainwashed by Dishwalla's music. *grin* They have an album named "Opaline" as well as a song.

Ephane: I was playing around with the name Elijah, and somehow Ephane came out. ;)

Vanault: I was writing the first rough brainstorm for the fanfic and the name just kinda came out. I believe it originally came from Renault, a French car brand. ;)

Leona: I used then name, and then it registered to me where I had heard it before. I have the song "Promise To Try" by Leona Naess on one of my burned CDs. ;)

Misia: Another name I chose, then realized where it was from. Misia is the name of a popular J-Pop artist. :)

Parn: I didn't want to use Parn. I tried to think up another name to replace Parn, but it seemed that Parn was the only one that fit. *grin* A little tribute to the free knight from the anime, Record Of Lodoss War.

Thane: Another name that I didn't want to use. I kept thinking of Great Dane. *giggle* However, the name refused to be changed. :)

Mave: It sounds a little girly, doesn't it? I liked the way it fit for the character in my head, so I stuck with it. ;)

Van: So I'm sitting there trying to think of an "oldish" sounding name. My mind diverts to the anime Vision Of Escaflowne. I choose Van against my better judgment. *laughs*

Ryden: This name comes from the same source as Van. There was a character called Dryden in that anime. I took off the "d" obviously and ran with it. *grin*

Rai: Aishwarya Rai is one of my favorite Hindi actresses. 'Nuff said. :)

Herine: So I was brainstorming names for Animus' family and decided to look at past Power Ranger names. Katherine minus the Kat. *grin*

Ariene: Sharing it's origins with Herine, Ariene is a mix of the letters of Katherine's name, minus the k and the t.

Cerasyn: I originally was going to name Animus' youngest sister, Flora. This came about instead. ;)

Daros: Another mix of letters of a former Power Ranger's name. Andros minus the n. ^_-

Fauna: This was a total joke as Animus relates to animal as does fauna. You know, flora and fauna? :)

Marron: Marron is brown in French, if I remember my colors right. *grin* Seemed like a horsey name. :D

Meghana: I struggled to find a name for this character and with the help of a baby names website, I chose this one. It means "cloud" in Hindi. :)

Liam: This came from the show "Angel". The title character's name when he was human was Liam. :)

Bren: Named after the 500th visitor to this website, who earned a cameo in Legends of Animaria. :)

Legends Of Animaria