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Big Fat Hairy Disclaimer

I miss the times when I could say that Saban owned the Power Rangers. Now, I must say that Buena Vista Entertainment owns them. *sniffle* Oh, those were the good days... Actually, BVE owns like two - maybe three - characters; I own the rest. *grin* So no stealing unless you ask! ^_^ 'Course if you asked, it wouldn't be stealing. :)


  • Thanks to my little sister, Suzy, for doing the betareading for me. She is so the Grammar Queen! *grin*
  • Thanks to Adrienne Sekitou for finding me all the lovely Wildzord pics that she did! :)

  • Thanks to Starhawk for her insightful wisdom into the Merrick/Shayla romance and for her Merrick/Shayla short fics that jumpstarted me to write my own. :)

  • Thanks to Tigger, who is always willing to give a scene a once-over when I think it's pure crap. *grin*

  • Thanks to Sugarplum, who leaves me the most thurough feedback ever and tells me what I'm doing right. An author really does need to hear that! *laughs* Huge thanks to her for just being a fabulous friend and sounding board as well. ;)

  • Thanks to the readers at Ranger Comm who feedback and let me know what they think of the fic. :) It means a lot. ^_^

    Legends Of Animaria