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* Here's a little something I whipped up after a little inspiration from reading some of Jade Daniels' stuff. :) I hope you like it and feedback is ALWAYS welcome. *grin*

If We Try
Written By: WhiteZeo

Evil had won.

The message pulsed through his brain over and over again. It streamed through his blood and into his heart. As much as he didn't want to believe it, he had no choice BUT to. It was the truth and there was no way he could possibly deny something as powerful as that.

He couldn't believe that he had let his team down as he had. He was so sure that THEY would come out victorious from the battle. He had been wrong though. They lost the fight, and they lost it badly.

They no longer had powers to aid them to prevent evil from winning and running over the Earth with their heinous malevolence. That is how they lost badly. If they had lost by simply having to retreat, it would not have weighed so heavily on his mind. That wasn't a complete loss...but losing the zords and the powers, that was a complete and utter loss.

She watched him from a distance.

She could see his heavy sagging shoulders move to the rhythm of his sighs. His clothes were torn and dirtied, just as she knew his face was also covered in soot from the fight that had only taken place moments before...or at least what had seemed like moments before.

He has taken the loss of their powers and zords hard, this she knew for sure. He had given up all hope on them actually being able to battle against the evil again. This was a disappointment to her.

She had always seen her leader as the one who always knew how to keep faith. The person who was most confident in what they were doing and why they were doing it. He seemed most dedicated to their cause, and even though the rest of them were just as devoted, he continuously looked to have the most...spirit, if she could call it that. There wasn't an exact word to describe what her leader had, but it was certainly special.

To see him like this hurt her deeply; for she relied on her leader for support and strength. Of course, she never told him this because she was afraid that it would only add to the many pressures he handled as the leader of her team. She didn't want to hamper his performance in any way...she wanted the best for him, as well as her team.


He knew she was watching him; he had peeked.

Her lovely hair was mussed and her face was smothered in the same dust and dirt his own face was. He hated seeing her so...argh! There was no word to describe what she looked like...she was just so beautiful and yet it was evident she was also affected badly by his actions.

How could he make it up to her and the team after this ultimate battle? The ultimate battle that they lost! Was there a way he could right all of his wrongs?

He wasn't so sure anymore, that he could do the right things for his team. Of course, they would insist just the opposite. They would tell him he couldn't have done anything to save the zords or the powers. They would tell him that he hadn't failed them so miserably as he believed.

But he HAD failed them!! They just couldn't see how he botched everything up.

He threw his head into his hands angrily, hot tears spilling from his troubled eyes. Was there even anything left to FIGHT for?! Could he gather enough faith in himself to face down all of the threats that loomed just above him?

She had told him something once. Something he promised to not forget...and yet, in the jumble of words and feelings that bombarded his mind, he had managed to forget them. The marvelous sounds that had blew from her lips into his hearing:

"We can make it if we try. Good always prevails because we take the extra effort to come out on top."

He gazed straight ahead, staring into the forever-spanning horizon. He had always known she was right; that trying always made the difference. Even when your down and out, you've got to try one more time because trying never killed anyone.

The eyes of his teammate were still peering down on him; he could feel her gentle and worried stare. So, he stood up and brushed himself off, as well as mopping away his tears with his fingers.

He was trying for her...

He was trying because he knew he could.